Elevate Release 2023.10

Elevate Release Notes

October 2023

This month’s release includes several different enhancements and new features including changes to administrator permissions and new reporting options, new automations and customizable notifications on product completion and assignments and much more. 

Included in this release:

Acknowledgment Component- File/Video/Image upload 

In the Text of Acknowledgment field within the Acknowledgement component, the ability to upload files & upload/select video and images has been added. 

Screenshot of Text of the Acknowledgment field

Fig. 1 - Text of the Acknowledgment

Quiz Enhancement- Quiz review on partially correct questions 

When reviewing a quiz that has multiple choice/multiple correct answers that is set to grant points for each correct answer, better tracking has been added for the learner. The enhancement includes an indication of which answer was correct, which were incorrect, which correct answers were not selected and then a total points received out of the possible points for that question. This only applies when the quiz is set to allow for review and follows the rules set for quiz review options and when to show correct answers. 

Screenshot of Quiz Question Correct and Incorrect Answers Highlighted

Fig. 2 - Sample of Quiz Question Correct and Incorrect Answers

Limited Reports- Added Credits Earned Report 

Users with limited report permissions now have access to the User Credit Earned report. This applies to users who have limited report permissions to see activity of learners in their organization OR users who are limited to managing only certain products. 

Screenshot of Elevate Admin Tools

Fig. 3 - Elevate Admin Tools

Survey Summary Report- Save as PDF 

When viewing Survey Reports, the option to download the Survey Summary Report as a PDF has been added.

Screenshot of Elevate Survey Reports Screen

Fig. 4 - Elevate Survey Reports

Social Media Links & Widget Enhancement 

Vimeo and Instagram have been added as options in the Social Media Link widget type. Twitter has been renamed as "X (Formerly Twitter)" and the icon has been updated to match the new branding in the Social Media Links and Social Media Share widgets and on the Social Media tab in Products. 

Screenshot of Elevate Widget Management Screen

Fig. 5 - Elevate Widget Management

Podcasts, News & Product Feeds- Filtering/Pagination, Added WYSIWYG to description

To make it easier to find and edit a podcast, newsfeed and product feeds, filtering and pagination has been added. 

Screenshot of Elevate Podcast, News & Product Feeds

Fig. 6 - Elevate Podcast, News & Product Feeds

The description fields within Podcasts, Newsfeed, and Product feeds has been updated to allow for HTML text via a WYSIWYG editor. Please note that some RSS readers do not HTML properly and sticking to plain text when the feed is being utilized in a 3rd party RSS reader is recommended. 

Screenshot of Podcast Description Fields

Fig. 7 - Podcast Description Fields

Product Completion- Notification of Completion to Learner 

A new setting and related site-wide and product-specific email template has been added which will allow an admin to send an email to the learner upon completing the product. Product completion is defined by the Required for Completion checkboxes in the component set up. The Notification of Completion setting is located on the Time Limit/Expiration tab within the product. 

Screenshot of Elevate Product Completion Options

Fig. 8 - Elevate Product Completion Options

Screenshot of Product Completion E-mail option

Fig. 9 - Product Completion E-mail

Quiz Answer Key Report 

A new option to view and/or download the Quiz & Answer Key has been added to the Quiz Reports. The selected product must have a quiz with submissions within the selected date range to be viewed. 

Screenshot of Quiz Answer Key Report

Fig. 10 - View Question/Answer Key

Assignment Component- Editable Grading Email Template 

A new site-wide and product-specific email template to customize the email sent to registered learners after an assignment is graded has been added. The template includes options for all possible grading scenarios and the final email will pull in the appropriate grading message based on the specific learner. 

Screenshot of Assignment Grading Email screen

Fig. 11 - Assignment Grading Email

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