How do I add a Component to a Product?

(See “adding Components by Type” for more details about each Component Type.)

  1. Immediately after creating a Product or after clicking on the “Components” tab within a product listing from the Products Listing Page, click on “Create New Component”.  If you want reuse a Component from another Product, click on “Load Component from Library”.  Any Component that is added to one Product can be used in another and is accessible from the Component Library.  As you add Components to the Product you will be able to reorder them as well as create requirements or dependencies.

  2. Clicking on “Create New Component” will open a new form that will ask you to select the Component type from a drop down list.  On-Screen explanations of each type are provided on the form.  Enter a title for your Component (Or use the auto generated Title).  Keep in mind, this title will be used on the Product page and should be something learners will recognize.  For example, for a live webinar you may consider using “Live Online Presentation”.  For a validation code, consider “Validate” or “Validation” or “Attendance Code”.

  3. Next, enter a short description.  Keep in mind, this description will also be visible on the Product page.  For example, if the title was “Live Online Presentation” your description may be “60 Minutes”.  For a validation Component, consider using “Enter the code that was provided during the presentation” or “validation code is required in order to continue the course”

  4. Continue adding Components as needed.  As you add Components, you can reorder them by clicking and holding theicon.  If you want to force a sequence of Component completion, you may do so by creating a “prerequisite” for the Component.  For example, if you want learners to complete a webinar before they can take a test, make the test prerequisite the “webinar”.  If the certificate is based on the completion and passing a test, make the certificate prerequisite the “quiz” Component. You may choose the Prerequisites using the dropdown menu under “Component Prerequisites”.

  5. Continue to add your product completion requirements as applicable by checking the “Required for completion” box on the components page. Checking this box indicates which components a user must take in order to be considered to have completed the product.

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