Can I reuse Components and put them in a different Product?

Yes. When adding Components to a new product (See: How to add a Component to a Product), you may either “add new” or use the “Load Component from Library” button. Every new Component that you create is placed into the Library. You can search the Library by type of Component. Once you’ve located the stored Component, you may click “Load Component” to add it to your Product. Doing so will “clone” the Component so you may need to edit the Component to make it work for your new Product. Editing a Component that was loaded from the Library will NOT change the settings in other Products. In essence, you are creating a NEW Component. Cloning a “live” web content Component will NOT fully create the Component since the date/time may be different as well as the meeting ID. You will need to edit this Component by following the steps in “Add Web Content Components”, specifically, the steps associated with “live” Components.

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