Cloning a Product

Elevate provides a means to reuse most details of a product through cloning. When you clone an existing product, all attributes from the original product are copied into a new product. It is important to note that if the cloned product contains a live webinar component, the cloned webinar component will need to be edited as it is not possible to have the same live webinar in more than one product.

Cloning Process

From the Administrative Console, select Product Listing from the Products tab.

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Locate the product you would like to clone on the Product Listing Page. In the right-hand ‘Actions’ column, select the ‘Clone’ button for that product.

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In the pop-up, confirm the product you are choosing to clone. Optionally, you can update the name of the product now or later in the product properties.  We suggest create a new or slightly different name so this product is easily identifiable in reports. 

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Next, you will be taken to the Product editing area for your cloned product. It is important to remember that all attributes from the original product will carry over to the cloned product. Therefore, it is a good idea to review the product for any changes that need to be made for the new version, especially the product title, dates, pricing, included components, handouts, and speakers. Be sure to save changes as you make them by selecting the ‘Save Product and Stay’ button at the bottom of the page.

If the product contained a live webinar component, you must remember to update that component as you cannot have the same live webinar in more than one product. The cloned-product will remain in Draft Mode until you transition it over to one of the viewable product statuses.


When cloning a Product that has SCORM components. You must re-upload the SCORM .zip file into the SCORM Component of the newly cloned Product.

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