Accepting Check Payments & Reviewing Orders Pending Payment

Feature Description:

In addition to accepting credit card payments, Elevate can be configured to allow check payments. You must first enable the option to allow check payments in the administrator settings. Once enabled, when a user goes through the checkout process they will be given an option to select pay by check. The user will not have access to their registered product until an administrator goes in to the registrations and acknowledges that a check has been received.

In this article:

  1. Enable Check Payments for your site
  2. Customize check payment checkout user experience
  3. Process pending registrations after receiving check

Enable Check Payments for your site

To turn on this setting, from the Admin Portal go to Settings > Site Setup > Payment Processors. Select the checkbox to Allow Check Payment.

This picture shows a screenshot of Elevate's 'Your Admin Tools' menu, with an arrow pointing to the "Payment Processors" option.

Customize check payment checkout user experience

This screenshot highlights the option to allow/disallow checks as a payment method in Elevate.

Once Allow Check Payment has been turned on, you will have the option to customize the check payment notification template. The text in this template will be presented to the user upon their checkout. We have provided some suggested language, but feel free to update it to reflect your organization's needs.

The following screenshots show the user experience. Users will have to click the drop down arrow next to payment method to select Check. From there, the user is presented with the system message indicating their order is not complete until payment has been received and marked paid.

This screenshot shows what a user would see when selecting a payment method from the Payment Method dropdown and then a screenshot of the text warning that will be displayed when a user selects "Check" as a payment method.
This screenshot is the Registration Confirmation that the user will see after they register.

This screenshot is the Registration Confirmation that the user will see after they register. Note the personalized message.

Process pending registrations after receiving check

An order that is submitted with check as a payment method will be placed in pending status. You must go in to the pending order and manually update the registration status to paid once you receive the user's check. There are two actions with pending payments. You can record they payment after you receive the check which will grant the user access or you can grant the user access before receiving their check.

Navigate to pending orders from the Admin Portal - Orders - Orders Pending Payment

This screenshot shows the two buttons that admin users may use to approve and review a check.
  • Option 1 in the above screenshot allows you to document receiving a check. 
  • Option 2 allows you to approve the order before receiving the check. This allows the admin to grant access to the content prior to payment and then later return to the pending payment section to add the payment details once received. 


The admin who last edited the order pending payment will be tracked and identified under the "Marked Paid/Approved By" column.


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