Why a Product or package is not appearing on the public side

If there is a product that does not appear on your home page, there are a few places to check that all required fields have been entered correctly.

  1. Check the Product Status: 

    If the status is set as “Draft”, “Closed for Registration”, “User Access Closed” or “Cold Storage” the product will not be seen.

  2. Check the Sales Start Date:

    Access the Product and click on the Basic Info tab, then the Sales Date icon. This date determines when the Product will appear on your site for users to view/register.

    Sales date start and end configuration

    Fig. 1 - Sales date start and end configuration

    The Product will not appear in the Product Catalog if the Start Sales Date is sometime in the future, even if the Product Status is “Open for Registration”.

  3. Review the User Types:

    Access the Product and click on the Basic Info Tab, then the Pricing icon. If the appropriate User Types are not checked under “View in Catalog”, the Product will not be seen by those specific user(s).

    User type matrix

    Fig. 2 - User type matrix

  4. Check the Product for components:

    If a Product does not include any components, the Product will not appear and cannot be made available for registration until at least one component is added.
  5. Check the widget:

    Is the widget correctly set or filtered to show the product or package?

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