How do I create a package?

  1. Navigate to Products --> Product Listing, then click the “Add New Package” button. 
  2. Follow steps 3 – found in “How do I create a new product?”
  3. Once you have completed the basic set-up of the package, click the “Update and Stay” button. This will refresh your screen and open additional options related to the package for you.
  4. Next, click on “Products.” Once on the Products in this Package page, click the “Package Options” button. Ensure that the middle checkbox, “When user registers for package, register them for all active products in package” option is selected. 
  5. Next, click on the “Add Products” button. Here you can search for your product title, or you can select the “Show All Products” button on the screen which will list all products you can add to your package. Select which products you would like to add to the package using the checkboxes on the lefthand side of the pop-up window. Once you have selected the products to add to the package, click “Add Selected Products.”
  6. After you have added the products to the package, you have the option to adjust the order they display for users. The order of the products can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the icon next to each product. 
  7. Once the Products are in the preferred sequence you may use the “Product Prerequisites” column to establish which Product needs to be completed first and the order of completion. If you do not require a specific order of completion, you may skip this step. 
  8. Click on the “Tabs” options. By default, the system will create an “Overview” and “Content” (products) tab. You may edit these labels by clicking on the icon to the right of the label. If you would like to add additional tabs, click the “Add New” button
  9. Next, click on “Email Templates” if you wish to customize the confirmation, reminder or expiration reminder emails for this Package. To edit the templates, click on the “Edit” icon on the right side of the Title Bar. Click on the “Save” button if you do edit the templates. Be sure to preview your templates. 
  10. You may add or delete Products from Packages at any time. 
  11. Under Package Options you may wish to check the box for “When User Registers For Package, Register Them For All Active Products In Package” otherwise users have to click “Activate” for each product in the package before they gain access and show as registered for that product in reporting. 
  12. Repeat these steps for each new Package

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