Setting Up A Newsfeed Tutorial

What is a Newsfeed and How Do I Use It?

A Newsfeed is very similar to a podcast except instead of audio files, Newsfeeds are primarily written articles. Users subscribe to the Newsfeed via RSS, and receive periodic updates whenever a new article has been added to the Newsfeed. The User may then download the article to their media player such as an iPad, computer or smart phone.

How Do I Create a Newsfeed?

  1. From the Admin Portal, click on Content Management and choose “Newsfeed”
  2.  Click on “Add new newsfeed”
  3.  Enter the Name of your Newsfeed. Keep in mind, this is not the name of the first article rather this is the “Name” of your Newsfeed (The name of the series of articles/items that will be added throughout time.) For example: “Caring for Grass” may be the Name of your Newsfeed. You would then add articles(items) to your newsfeed such as “Cutting Tips” and “Fertilizing Tips” and “Watering Tips”. Each one of the items would be a separate written article. 
  4. Enter a description of the Newsfeed. For example, “this Newsfeed will provide weekly articles covering all aspects of caring for grass.” And click save. This will refresh your page and direct you to the next step.
  5. On the new page, click on “Create new item”. In this case, the “item” is your first article. Enter the Article’s title and summary in the test boxes. Under the drop down menu “Categories” user can link the article to specific categories. Use the text editor to enter your article text. Enter the date the article was published using the “publishing date” field. 
  6.  After you have completed writing your article or copying and pasting the article text, click on the “save” button.

How do I add a Newsfeed to one of my pages?

Adding a Newsfeed to a page is achieved by adding a Newsfeed widget to your page.

  1. Go to the “Pages” item under the “Content management” tab
  2. Edit or create a new Page.
  3. Click on “add new widget”
  4. Give your widget a “Name”, check the box “display name” if you want it displayed on the page, check “display border” if you want a border around the widget, check “hide mobile” if you don’t want the widget exposed to people using mobile devices.
  5. Choose “Newsfeed” as the Type of widget.'
  6. Choose the name of the Newsfeed you want to use for this widget or create a new one.
  7. nter the number of articles that will be displayed in the podcast.
  8. Click “Save” when done to save the widget.
  9. Click “save” to save page.

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