Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video file into a page

Feature Description: 

This feature allows admins to add a Youtube or Vimeo video to a widget on a page

1. Navigate to and click on the “Content Management” tab and

2. Choose “Pages” from the drop down list. A list of pages that are editable will be displayed.

3. Follow the steps above to create a new page OR click on the “edit” button next to the page that

you want to add the YouTube video.

4. Click on “add new widget to main page content”

Main page Widget configuration

Fig. 1 - Main page Widget configuration

5. Give your widget a “Name”, check the box “display name” if you want it displayed on the page, check “display border” if you want a border around the widget, check “hide mobile” if you don’t want the widget exposed to people using mobile devices.

6. Choose “Video” as the Type. The on-screen fields will change depending up the widget you choose. Simply fill in the on-screen fields and save.

7. Click the drop down menu labeled “source”

8. You can choose to either upload a video or Embed a video.

9. If you wish to upload the video, simply drag and drop the file in the “upload” grey box

10. If you wish to embed the video, copy and paste the embed code into the “Embed code” box

Widget Management Menu

Fig. 2 - Widget Management Menu

11. Click “Save” to save the widget when done.

12. Click “Save” to save the page.

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