Setting Up Widgets - Widget Options/Types

What is a Widget?

Widgets are items that can be added to pages to help build organization and structure around your content (Fig. 1). The following pages list out the widget options available and include links to their online tutorials.

Page Widgets

Fig. 1 - Page Widgets

Agenda Widget

Built in accordion formatting that expands and collapses, this widget displays web content components of specific products in an agenda format. This can be used to support virtual conferences and events where multiple web content components are accessible to the users. The agenda widget will also allow for custom agenda items to be added to the agenda, for example, to link to an item that is not a web content component such as exhibit hall or a networking tool. On the user side, the agenda widget can optionally be set to allow for searching by keyword and filtering by favorites.

Agenda Widget

Assessment Driven Learning Path Widget

Assessment Driven Learning Path

This feature allows Admins to create a Self-Assessment Quiz that gauges the learners' knowledge on specific categories. Upon completing the assessment and based on the score, the learner is presented with a list of product recommendations that are designed to improve the knowledge level for each focus area. The Self-Assessment Quiz is meant to be retaken periodically as the learner’s knowledge improves within each category. After each Self-Assessment Quiz attempt is completed, the product recommendations will change to reflect the learner’s assessment grades.

Blank Spacer

This is a widget to help build pages and add a 1-pixel spacer to help control the flow of text/images on the responsive screen

Blank Spacer Widget

Contact Form Widget (Popup)

Contact Form

Create a customizable form to collect information from your site visitors. The form can be added to any page or sidebar area. The form can be set to launch as a modal window from a button click or embedded on a page itself. When the visitors complete the form, the email address(es) set up to be notified will be emailed the form response.


Allow users to engage in community discussions on specific topics across the LMS (Fig. 2). This can be used as a networking tool during virtual conferences or across the board to enhance the community and shared learning opportunities outside of products. The example below shows a variety of discussion topics can be set up.

Discussion Widget Sample

Discussion Widget Thread

Fig. 2 - Discussion Widget

File Collection Widget

File Collection

Allows admins to create a collection of files and/or links that can be displayed via a File Collection Widget on any page on your site. In additional to neatly organizing and displaying content within to end-users, File Collections also have robust reporting capabilities, allowing admins to see when items were accessed and by whom.

Grid Image

A Grid Image Widget, sometimes referred to as a hover widget as when hovered over, additional content will appear, allows you to create a widget with an image that links internally or externally of your Elevate site. Grid Image widgets can include multiple buttons, as well as additional text that will appear when a user hovers over it.

Grid Image Widgets

HTML Widget


Similar to a word processor or text editor, this widget allows you to add in content on a WYSIWYG editor. It can read HTML code , hyperlink text (Chain links icon), insert tables (Grid icon), show an embedded video, YouTube, or Vimeo link (Video camera icon), insert a picture (framed mountains with sun icon), develop a list (list icon) as well as perform the other basic functions of a word processor (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, font color, background color, horizontal line, and paragraph formatting)

Menu Group

This widget allows you to add additional groupings of menu/navigation items to a page.

Menu Group Widget

MP3 Widget


Allows you to add in a mp3 file onto a page that is playable and optionally downloadable or embedded.

Multi-Product Certificate

A multi-product certificate is an optional feature you can use to create one certificate for multiple products. For example, if you have 10 products that are required for a certification level, rather than creating one certificate for each product, you can create 1 multi-product certificate that accumulates all credits from the included products on one certificate. The multi-product certificate will display the total credits earned.

Multi-Product Certificate Widget

Podcast Widget


A Podcast is a series of audio files grouped by topic or title.  Users may subscribe to the podcast, via RSS, and receive periodic updates whenever a new file has been added to the Podcast.  The User may then download the file to their media player such as an iPod, computer or smart phone. You may select a specific podcast or create a new one from the widget management window by selecting a podcast from the drop down menu or clicking the “Create new podcast” button.


A Newsfeed is very similar to a podcast except instead of audio files, Newsfeeds are primarily written articles. Users subscribe to the Newsfeed via RSS and receive periodic updates whenever a new article has been added to the Newsfeed. The User may then download the article to their media player such as an iPad, computer, or phone.


Polls allow you to ask users a question to which they can respond and compiles the results in a format of your choosing. In order to display a Poll on this site, you must either create a Poll widget on any custom page or your home page OR display a Poll on a product page using the Poll product tab.

Polls Widget

Product Listing Widget

Product List

A product list displays a list of products based on settings you set like date range, category, product type, etc. You can decide which products should show up on a listing by setting a few parameters. There are a variety of display options as well to explore.

RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Now the content you want can be delivered directly to you without cluttering your inbox with e-mail messages. This content is called a feed.. Simply copy and paste an RSS feed URL and select the number of articles you wish to display.

RSS Feed

Slideshow Widget


A slideshow is a carousel of images that optionally link to subpages or external URLs.

Social Media links

Allows you to link your site to social media pages. Check the services for which you wish to provide a link to and enter the corresponding URLs. Social media options include: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Social Media Links Widget

Social Media Share Widget

Social Media Share

Allows you to add the social media sharing icons to your page.

Speaker Listing

Displays a listing of selected speakers in a 3-column grid or 1 column stacked view. Upon clicking on the speaker, users can view more information on them and what content they are featured in.

Speaker Listing Widget

Video Widget


Enables the admin to Embed a video or use a YouTube/Vimeo link.

Full Site Search

The Full Site Search Widget displays a full site search to the front-end user, allowing them to search any products or content on the site. The Full Site Search widget can be added to either the main page content, or more commonly, to the sitewide sidebar for the site. The parameters of what information will populate in the Full Site Search Widget can be accessed and edited by navigating to Settings > Site Setup > General. With these settings you can control the search filters, what items will besearchedif a keyword is entered by an end-user, what content types will return in the results, as well as what information will populate in the results field. 

Full Site Search Widget

Additional Widgets Available

The Exhibitor Hall Module is a separate, paid, add-on module. It includes the Exhibitor Directory, Exhibitor Tile, Exhibitor Tile Search, Chat, andPrePaidPack.To get information and pricing about this moduleoradditionalwidget options, pleasecontact or contact your account manager. 

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