How do I edit the site wide sidebar on my site?

The sidebar layout you set here will be used on every page. Additional sidebar widgets can be added to the setup of specific pages. Widgets placed in the sitewide sidebar will appear along with any widgets you place on individual pages.

  1. From the Administrative Control Panel, click on Content Management --> Sidebar.
  2. Click on “Add New Widget.” This will induce a popup window where you will enter the specifications of this widget.
  3. Use the drop-down menu next to “Size” to determine how many rows the widget will be (keep in mind the system will auto-size the widget if necessary, so what you see on this page isn’t a direct representation of what will be displayed on the user end). You may select up to 12 rows. The maximum number of columns is set to one and cannot be changed.
  4. Next input the desired name of your widget in the “Name” text box.
  5. If you wish to display the name and/or border of your widget to the users, you may select the checkboxes to the LEFT of either “Display Name” or “Display Border.”
  6. You may hide this sidebar widget on either desktop or mobile by selecting “Hide on Desktop” or “Hide on Mobile” from the drop-down menu. (The default setting for this is Display on Desktop and Mobile)
  7. Select the type of widget you wish to put in the sidebar by selecting an option from the “Type” drop-down menu. (See What widget types are available for me to use? For more information on widget types.)
  8. Once you have entered the information you wish to click “Save.” This will return you to the page editor for the page you are editing. Click “Save and Stay” to save your changes.

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