Can I create a custom email from my site?

Yes, in addition to the email templates on your site, you have the ability to create, schedule and send customized emails to registrants of products or packages.

  1. Navigate to Products --> Product Listing and find the name of the product or package you would like to send the email to registrants of. These emails are limited in that they are only sent to registrants of that product.

  2. To create a new email, click on the "Create New Email" button. You will be brought to a page with the heading "Emails to Registrants of "{product name}". Choose the date and time when you would like the email to be sent by clicking on the drop-down menu "Date/Time to Send." You will be given three options: Draft- Hold for Later, Send Now, and Send Later. If Send Now or Send Later are selected a date/time field will appear next to the Date/Time to Send. Select the appropriate date/time for the email to be sent. Note: emails that are scheduled can take up to 15 minutes to send to all registrants from the time the email is scheduled to send.

  3. Next, Include the subject of the email.

  4. Below the aforementioned fields is a text editor (WYSIWYG). Use this to type the content of the email. The text editor has the ability to do the following: read HTML (Click the button) that is either written or copied in, insert pictures (using the button that looks like a mountain in a frame), link text to a website (using the button that looks like two chain links), and perform other basic text editor functions (bold text, underline text, color font, and background).

  5. You may insert tags into your emails by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here you will find numerous tags that are divided into categories. Copy and paste the tags into the text fields or text editors to use them.

  6. To test the email, click the "Test Now" button at the bottom of the page. This will prompt a popup with a pre-implemented email, you may change this email and click send test.

  7. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save the email. The action will also bring you back to the "Emails to Product Registrants of '{Product name}'" page.

  8. If you wish to edit any emails, click on the "edit" button next to the email you wish to edit.

  9. Follow steps 2-7 to edit.

  10. To delete an email, simply click the red "Delete" button and confirm that you wish to delete the email.

  11. You may copy the format of created emails and apply them to other products by clicking on the "Copy" button. This will bring you to a popup to enter the name of the product or package you would like to copy the email to. Product names will begin to auto-populate for you once you type in a minimum of three letters. Once you have selected the name of the product or package you would like to copy the email to click the "Copy" button.

  12. Follow steps 1 - 7 to edit and send the email from the product or package it was copied to.

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