How can I access and use the General Settings on my Conference365 site?

General settings are used to manage the basic functions of your site. From whether users can create an account on the site, to the default time zone, to discussion moderation, and more. To access the General Settings for your site:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Site Setup > General
  2. Here you will be able to edit certain fields. By default, the checkbox labeled “Enable Signup” will be selected. This means users will have the ability to create a local account on your site. If you have the “Enable Signup” option selected, be sure you have selected the “Attendee” user type as being able to create an account, as this is the only user type on your site.
  3. Next, you have the ability to adjust the default time zone on your site. This is the time zone that will be in place when users create their accounts or sign in for the first time. Note: this does not need to be the user’s local time zone. If the time zone selected on the “Default Time Zone” line is different than a user’s local time zone, the site will remind them to update their local time zone on their Profile page.
  4. You may set the default time zone that guests use by selecting a Time zone from the “Default
  5. If you wish to enable product ratings for your products (this will allow your users to rate any of the products on your site), select the box next to “Enable Product Rating.”
  6. If you wish to have the discussion tabs for products moderated, select “On” from the Discussion Moderation drop-down.
  7. Update the email address found in the “Cancellations Email” line. This is the email address where any registrations that are canceled will be notified. The default email address put in place on your site is not a valid email address.
  8. Select any additional options you wish to have in place on your site.
  9. Once you have finished click “Save.”

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