How do I mass register/import a group of Users to a Product or Package?

  1. Navigate to Orders --> Mass Registration Import.

  2. First, you will need to create a CSV file that contains the users you would like to mass register. To view the required column headers for your CSV, click the "CSV Fields" button. Column headers in your CSV should be labeled exactly the way they are listed in the "Import Field Name" column. Headers ARE case-sensitive. A sample CSV template can be found at the bottom of this page. Standard column headers are:

    • email

    • password

    • firstname

    • lastname


Setting a password for users is not mandatory, but can be helpful for the first time they login to your site. If you do set a password, be sure to communicate that password with your users.

  1. Once your CSV has been created, return to the Mass Register Users page. Type in the name of the product or package you would like to register the group of users for. Titles will begin to populate here once you have typed in a minimum of three letters or numbers.
  2. For the User Import Method, select "Upload full user information to add new users and update users that already exist, then register those users."
  3. Next, click the "Choose File" option and select the CSV from your local computer that you created earlier. Once the CSV has been selected, the name of the file will appear on the Import File line.
  4. Click the "Upload Button." Once the button has been clicked, the screen will refresh and display a previous of the CSV for you. If column headers and data appear in the correct places, click the "Import" button.
  5. The screen will refresh again and show you all users that will be imported. On this screen, a checkbox will appear giving you the option to notify your users by email that they have been registered. Note: we do NOT recommend checking the option to send an email to users unless your site is ready to open.Click the "Import Orders" option.

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