How do I edit the Navigation/Menu that users see on my site?

  1. Navigate to Content Management --> Menu. The Menu items will be displayed in the order that they will display for users. 
    • To change the order, click and hold theicon on the Menu item you want to move. Drag it to the position you desire. To edit a Menu item, click on the edit icon
  2. To edit a Menu item, click on the edit icon.
  3. To add a new menu item, click the 'add new' button 
    • Choose the “parent” of the Menu item that you want to place this new menu item under. OR if the menu item is not related to another item, leave this as “none.” 
    • If you are linking this Menu item to a local Conference365 page that you created, click the drop-down arrow for the “Linked Page” field and select the page that you created or to another existing page (See: “How do I add a NEW page to my site?” And “How do I edit existing pages on my site?”).
    • If you are linking this Menu item to a page outside of Elevate, leave the “Linked Page” as “Select or Enter URL Below” and in the field called “URL” enter the web address of the page you want the Menu item to go to when clicked. 
    • Name the Menu item and then check the boxes next to “open in new window” and or “display before log in.” Checking display before login will show the Menu item before a user logs in. If you want to hide this page from guest users, do not check this box. 
    • Click “Add” to save.
  4. Additionally, you have the ability to add icons to your menu items. From the Menu page on your site, click the “Menu Options” button. Check or uncheck the option which says “Menu Items Have Icons” to add or remove icons from all Menu items.
  5. To edit existing icons on your site, click the “Edit” button for the menu item you would like to update the icon for. Once you have edited your menu icon click “Save.”

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