Certification Module Overview

Certifications to Extend the Value of Elevate

By engaging in learning opportunities through Elevate, your community has access to participating in webinars, courses, exams, and certificates. But what if there was an added element of motivation? Through the use of certifications, you can formalize these opportunities into industry-recognized standards, leading to greater overall participation. Certification creates a more holistic approach to the online education process and supports the idea of customized learning experiences all the way from initial enrollment to completion of the course.


For pricing, contact your Account Manager or email elevate-support@gocadmium.com.

Key Certification Module Features Include:

  • Learner dashboard for users to see current program status and future requirements
  • Complete management of enrollments, reenrollments, eligibility standards, required and optional courses
  • Announcements and notifications that keep learners informed and on target for current and future certifications

Certification Types:

  • Renewable Designations: These certifications are achievements based on knowledge expertise for a certain period with the need to “recertify” at designated intervals.
  • Progressive Designations: Multi-level certifications are a series of certifications that need to be fulfilled before advancing to a broader or final designation.
  • Permanent Designations: This option supports levels of achievement that are typically associated with recognized tiers of competence within a profession.

Certification Features:

  • e-Commerce: Certifications follow the same logic as other e-learning programs in Elevate for determining fees and other registration options. Integrated merchant services support both initial certification and the recertifying process.
  • Enrollment Options: Administrators can configure enrollment so learners are able to register for both the certification and in- cluded content—or have learners enroll in each learning program as needed at their own pace.
  • Certification Dashboard: Users are able to track earned, in-progress, available, and expired certifications in their dashboard, which is their individual portal within Elevate.
  • Content Configuration: Certifications can include content that is required for successful completion as well as elective programs to reach successful completion.
  • Certification Expiration: Administrators can determine certification expiration periods.
  • Digital Badges: Digital badges can be assigned through our integration with BadgeCert, a leading digital badging company.
  •  Automated Email Notifications: Trigger- based email reminders may be sent to notify participants of actions such as a certification is expiring, confirmation when a user has earned a certification, or to no- tify a user when re-certification enrollment has opened.
  • Requirements Tracking and Progress: From the users dashboard, users can view and track their progress. Administrators can also review user progress via summary and detail reports.
  • Eligibility: Administrators can configure tiered certifications or prerequisites which will control who is eligible for each program.
  • Status Management: Manage enrollment and availability for each certification.
  • Status Notifications: Administrators can communicate important information to participants regarding their certification re-certification enrollment or program status.
  • Printable Certificates: Custom designed certificates can be established and automatically rewarded based on program requirements being reached.

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