Set the sequence or requirements of Components

  1. Create all of the Components that you want to include in your Product.  See “How do I add an Component to a product” for details.
  2. Click and hold the  icon next to a Component title and move the Component to the desired sequence.  The Component at the top, will always be the first Component in your sequence.
  3. Using the “Component requirement” column (shown as the “Component Prerequisites” Column), click on the drop-down next to “Nothing” to reveal a list of the Components within the Product. Your first Component should always use the default setting of “No Component Required”.

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  4. For each subsequent Component, use the drop-down selection and choose the requirement for each Component.  For example, if you want your learners to view the presentation BEFORE they are able to take the test, make the Test Component requirement be “Live Presentation”.  This will force the learner to view the Presentation before they can take the quiz.   If you want to make sure they view the entire presentation before they take the quiz, make sure you add a “time requirement” to your presentation Component.  If you want to force your learners to pass a quiz or test before they can receive CE credit or a certificate, make the CE Credit or Certificate Component requirement be the Quiz or Test Component.
  5. You can select multiple components to create an either/or prerequisite. Selecting multiple components as prerequisites allows the users to advance if they complete any one of the selected components.
  6. Set Auto Open Upon completing the prior prerequisite, the auto-open component will automatically open to the user without clicking the button to launch.

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