Required for Completion & Component Prerequisites Explained

In the components section of your products, the admin can define which components are required for Completion and set up component prerequisites to make a sequence for how your users interact with the product. We recommend doing these steps after all content has been added to the product.

Required for Completion and Component Prerequisites

Fig. 1 - Required for Completion and Component Prerequisites

Component Prerequisites determine what other Component needs to be done before a Component is accessible. This is a multi-select, and choosing more than one creates an "OR" logic. For example, maybe a user would have to watch a video, OR read a PDF, to get to the next step. Most commonly, you just use one Prerequisite per component, to form a chain of prerequisites to force users to do the components in a certain order.

In the example of component prerequisites below (Fig. 2), this product is set to require all users to complete the video, before they can open the survey and then complete the survey, before they can earn credit and/or print the certificate.

Video required for Survey

Fig. 2 - Video required for Survey

Required For Completion determines which components are a requirement to complete in order to consider the entire product complete. Without any components set for completion, Elevate cannot mark the product complete and no API call to your AMS can be triggered (if that applies) until all components with this checkmark are finished.

Often times, this checkbox can be used in tandem with the component prerequisites. If you have created a defined chain of component prerequisites, then you do not need to check the box for Required for Completion on all components, just on the last component or the last component required before a credit is granted. Note that earning a credit for a product and completing the credit/printing the certificate are different for all credit types except Medical Credits.

Using the same example of a sequence of a video, survey, certificate/credit. In this case, I want to be sure that users complete the video and respond to the survey before getting a credit and access to a certificate. I have set the certificate component up to grant a credit once survey is completed (See article on Requirements to Earn Credit). So in this case, I have set the survey as the component required for completion (Fig. 3) because the users will be automatically granted a credit after they complete the survey. Checking the Certificate as a requirement for completion would mean that the users would need to print their certificate before counting as completed on the product.

Survey component required for completion

Fig. 3 - Survey component required for completion

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