Certificate Component: Requirements To Earn Credits Explained

When using a Certificate/Credit Component or Medical Certificate/ Credit component, it is very important to understand and properly use the "Requirements to Earn Credits" section.

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"Requirements to Earn Credits" determines which components are needed to earn the credits and the credits are earned when these requirements are done, regardless of whether the user views the certificate, and regardless of whether those components are Required for Product Completion, and/or are Prerequisites for other components.

Leaving the requirements to earn credits blank means that the user will automatically earn credits once they register for the course if you also have no prerequisites set.

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For example, you have a simple product that contains a video, survey and certificate. I want to make sure all users do not earn the credit until they complete the Video and survey first. In this example, I would use component pre-requisites to set up the chain of requirements as shown below:

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By creating this chain, I can set the requirements to earn credit in the certificate component to only the survey. I do not need to select the video, because I know in order for a user to have completed the survey, they must have first completed the video.

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