Setting Up a Survey Component

This feature allows admins to create a list of questions aimed for extracting specific data from a particular group of people allowing Admins to to gather or gain knowledge.

  1. From the Components tab of the Product, click "Create New Component" and select "Survey", give your Survey Component a title and description.  Keep in mind, the title will be used on the Product page and should be something learners will recognize.  For example, you may consider using the title “Survey” or “Evaluation”.  The description will also be visible on the Product page.  For example, if the title was “Survey” your description may be “A 5 question survey to evaluate the effective of the course”. Then click "Next Step"

    creating new component
  2. Enter the number of questions that you want to display on each page in the field called “# of questions per page”
  3. Next, click on the Survey Questions tab to create the survey questions.

  4. Click "Add New Question", then select the type of question you want for your first question.  Your choices are:  Text Input, Text Area, Select box, Radio Group, Check Box, Check Box Group, and Likert Scale.

  5. Use your mouse to drag and drop to rearrange the question order. 
  6. Questions can be set as required or not.

    requiring questions
  7. After creating your questions, Skip Logic can be set up. After checking the box, click the Skip Logic icon next to any question to set up logic based on responses to that question

    skip logic
  8. click “Update” to save.  NOTE:  Once users have started to complete your survey, do not change the text or questions within the text.  Doing so will skew the survey results.
  9. Alternatively, Admins can Mass Upload Survey Questions.Only question types of text input, text area, select box, radio group, checkbox, and checkbox-group can be imported. Likert scale questions can only be added manually. 
  10. Create a CSV file with columns exactly as defined in the Survey Question Import Fields pop-up. (Or download the sample CSV template.

    survey question import field
  11. Use the Browse button to navigate to and select your file.
  12. Click Upload and Review to begin the import process. 
  13. Review your questions on the next page, then click Upload Survey Questions to finish, or Go Back to start over.


text input image

Text Input – Open-ended question that allows users to type in their answer

Replace Me

Text Area – Open-ended question that allows users to type in a short paragraph answer

Select Box

Select Box – Allows user to select one answer choice from a drop-down menu. The 1st choice offered is the default answer.

Radio Group

Radio Group – Allows users to select one answer choice from a horizontal list.


Checkbox – A single box to check

Check Box Group

Checkbox Group – Allows the user to check all the answers that apply.

Likert Scale

Likert Scale - set of answer options—either numeric or verbal—that cover a range of opinions on a topic


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