How do I create Administrative Permission Packs?

Administrative packs are groups of predefined administrative (Admin) permissions, which can be assigned to an unlimited number of Admin users. There are two types of Admin packs: default and custom. Default packs are not editable, but can be used as a starting point to customize an Admin’s permissions or as a starting point for a custom pack. Once an Admin pack has been created, you can assign it to your Admins by going to User Management and clicking the "Permissions" button.

  1. From the Administrative Control Panel, click on the “Users” Tab and select “Administrative Permission Packs”
  2. Click on “Add New Role”. This will take you to a form where you may create a new Role.
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  1. Enter the Name of the new role in the “Name” Field and include a description of the role in the “Description” field.
  2. Select what you wish the permissions to be based on by selecting an option from the “Permissions Based On” drop down menu. If you wish to create a custom Role select the appropriate permissions by clicking on the check box to the LEFT of the permission.
  3. Use the downward facing arrows to reveal more permissions that are related to the parent permission.
  4. After defining what permissions this role will have, click “Create” to create the role.
  5. You may edit a role by following step 1 then finding the role you wish to edit and clicking edit. Follow steps 3-6 to complete editing.
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