Can I add a NEW page to my Elevate Learning Portal?

Yes. Elevate was created to give administrators the freedom to add any number of custom content pages and fill them with page widgets. 

  1. From the Administrative Control Panel, click on the Content Management > Pages.
  2. Click on “Add New Page” 
  3. Enter a title in the “Title” field. This is a required field. If you would like to customize the URL slug, you can do so see.
  4. Click on “Add new widget to main page content.” Your pages are divided into 12 columns. So be sure you “size” your widget accordingly. If you want the widget to span across the entire page, give the “size” field a value of 12. If you want the widget to span across half of your page, give the “size” field a value of 6. Enter the number of rows that you want your widget to use. Keep in mind, the widget will auto-size the number of rows based on the content you have within it. 
  5. Enter a name for your widget and check the boxes to determine if you want to display the name on your page, give it a border, or hide it from mobile devices. 
  6. Choose the “Type” of Widget. Your choices are: Blank Spacer, Full Site Search, Grid Image, HTML, Menu Group, Poll, Product List, Slideshow, Social Media Links, Social Media Share, and Speaker Listing.
  7. Each Widget type has its own form fields to complete. Complete each field for each widget selected then click “Save” within the widget. Once you have saved the widget, you will be returned to the page editor, where you will need to click “Save and Stay” for your changes to be accepted.
  8. After you have created your widgets, you can move them around on your page by clicking and holding your mouse button and moving the widget to the page location you desire. The pages are dynamic so the admin view of your page may not reflect exactly the layout once the page renders so be sure to Preview your pages before you link to them. You can add this new page to the menu navigation or link to it from another page or just keep it hidden and only link to it from marketing emails or from outside of your Conference365 site. 
  9. You also have the ability to add content within the sidebar on your pages by clicking on the “Add New Widget to Sidebar” button The sidebar is limited to 1 column but is indefinitely long (unlimited rows). Any sidebar on a new page is only seen on that page.
  10. Use the same instructions provided above to add widgets to the sidebar (steps 4-10)

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