Creating a Podcast

A Podcast is a series of audio files grouped by topic or title. Users may subscribe to the podcast, via RSS, and receive periodic updates whenever a new file has been added to the Podcast. The User may then download the file to their media player such as an iPod, computer or smart phone.

  1. From the Admin Portal, click on “Content Management” and choose “Podcast”
  2. Click on “Add new podcast” 
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  1. Enter the Name of your Podcast. Keep in mind, this is not the name of the file rather this is the name of the series of files that will be added throughout time. For example: “Caring for Grass” may be the Name of your podcast. You would then add items to your Podcast such as “Cutting Tips” and “Fertilizing Tips” and “Watering Tips”. Each one of the items would be a separate audio file.
  2. Enter a description of the podcast. For example, “this podcast series will provide weekly audio files covering all aspects of caring for grass.”
  3. Next, upload your audio file by clicking on the gray box and browsing to your file OR drag and drop the file to the gray box.
  4. After successful file upload, the system will redirect you to the main podcast admin page where you will see the link to the podcast feed.
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