Savings Packs

A Savings Pack is another form of discount that can be used to grant a user an amount of Prepaid Products to be used on the site. The product scope can be limited to all products, specific products or specific categories. The pack can be associated with an expiration date. The pack gets assigned to a user or a group of users if they want to share the balance. Optional automated monthly emails can be generated alerting the user(s) of their packs’ usage and balance. Users Savings pack is reported in the Dashboard and can be applied during checkout in the cart.

Use cases

1. User needs to register for 20 courses this year but does not yet know which offerings he/she wants to attend. User prepays for 20 products that can be applied any time over the course of the year via applying his/her savings pack balance. 

2. Organization has 10 employees that all will need to view 3 courses this year. Organization is given a discount for purchasing 30 products for 2017. This payment is invoiced and collected outside of Elevate. Organization assigns an admin who can use the pack and make purchasing on behalf of the entire group. This user is given a savings pack of 30 products. 


This function is not global, but can be turned on at your request at no extra fee.

To set up a Savings Pack, follow the instructions below:

  1. From the admin portal, click on Products menu and select Discounts.
  2. On the discounts page, click the blue Add new Discount button. 
  3. Give your Savings Pack Discount a descriptive name. For example: Company ABC. This will be used to help track in reports. 
  4. Under discount type, select, Savings Pack. 
  5. Enter the number of products and add on products you wish to grant for this pack or select no limit.
  6. Continue to set up the discount scope, just as you would a promotional code or volume discount. 
  7. Next, apply the pack to these users by typing in the users names and selecting from the drop down. * Users must have an active account on the site 
  8. If the Savings pack has an expiration date, select the date or click no expiration. 
  9. If you plan to send automated monthly reminder emails about the Savings Pack balance, you can optionally enter additional reminder email addresses
  10. If you want to send month reminder emails automatically, click the checkbox. * Note you can also send these reminder emails out manually upon trigger. Remember to update the Savings Pack Reminder email template.
  11. Optionally, you can enter a remote reference ID for this pack.
  12. Finally, click the green Save button.

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