Creating Discount Codes

Feature Description

Discounts allow Elevate admins the ability to issue discounts to end-users on any Products available to purchase on their site. Discount types available include Promotional Codes, Savings Packs, and Volume. Discounts can be issued based on any number of criteria set within the Discount Code editor. There is no limit to the number of discounts your site uses.

  1. To add a discount, from the Administration Control Panel, navigate to Products > Discounts.
  2. Click on “add new discount” button. This will take you to the discount code set-up. Here enter a descriptive name for your discount.
  3. Next, choose the “Discount Type”: either “Promotional Code” or “Volume” code. The form will change depending up the type you pick. Promotional codes allow you to offer a code to users which will give them a discount based on parameters set below. A Volume discount allows you to issue a discount to users based on a certain number (or volume) of Products purchased.


If you select, Promotional Codes from the Discount Type dropdown, follow these steps 1 thru 8 below. 

If you are using the Volume type of discount, enter the number of required products that an end-user must add to their cart in order for them to receive a discount. Then, follow steps 2 thru 8 below.

  1. In the Promotional Codes field type in the discount code you would like to use, then click the Add button to add the code. You can add multiple discount codes here. Be sure to click the "Add" button after each discount code is entered to save the code. Alternatively, you can choose to generate random codes by clicking the "Generate Random Codes" button (Fig. 1). If you choose this option, you will see additional fields where you can input the number of random codes you would like to generate, as well as the number of characters each code should have.
Generate Random Codes

Fig. 1 - Generate Random Codes

  1. From the "Discount Scope" settings, select whether the discount code should be applied to individual Products or Categories or whether it should be applied to all products. If you are applying the code to individual products and/or categories, choose the specific Categories and/or Products the code should apply to from the dropdown menus.
  2. Next, select the user types that will be allowed to utilize this discount code. Discounts can be issued to specific user types or all user types. If you do not select any user types from the "Allowed User Types" dropdown menu, the system will default to allowing all user types.
  3. Input the discount amount. The discount amount can be set based on a dollar value or a percentage (Fig. 2). To switch between the dollar value and percentage options, click the $ or % icon to the right-hand side of the "Discount Amount" field.
Amount in Dollar or Percent

Fig. 2 - Amount in Dollar or Percentage

  1. Set the criteria for how this discount code will be applied (Fig 3). Here you can choose to apply the discount code to the total sum of all qualifying Products, to each Product individually, or to only the first qualified Product in the card.
Total Sum

Fig. 3 - Apply Discount code To

  1. If your discount has an expiration date, click the calendar picker icon to select the expiration date. (Fig. 4) If your discount does not have an expiration date, click the checkbox next to "No Expiration."
No Expiration

Fig. 4 - No Expiration

  1. If your discount has a specific number of times that it should be restricted to being used, input the number of uses and select from the dropdown menu whether the number of uses should be applied to all uses, per each individual code, or per user. If your discount has no limit to the number of uses, select the checkbox next to "No Limit."
  • Per-user: this limits how many times John the user can use that code. Say it's 5 times, that means John can use it 5 times, and Mary can use it 5 times, and Tammy can use it 5 times.

  • Per Code: this limits how many times a code can be used, per code. Since you can more than 1 promotional code per discount.

  • In Total: Is a way to limit how many times the discount can be used (Fig. 5). Even if there are more than 1 promotional codes. So you could create 10 promotion codes, to give to 10 people, but limit the Total to 8. If you tell those 10 people the first 8 purchasers get the discount, this can create an urgency to buy.

Limit Number of Discount Code Use

Fig. 5 - Limit Number of Use

  1. Click Save to save the code. Distribute the code either in promotional emails or place them throughout your Elevate site using an HTML widget.

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