Referral Codes

Referral codes are a tool designed to help Elevate admins market smarter. A referral code provides a way for an admin to create a special URL to use for a specific marketing campaign (or to provide to a program partner or sponsor) that then allows admins to track the number of registrations and revenue generated from a particular effort. For example, if Company ABC is planning to promote Elevate in their upcoming monthly newsletter, instead of just including the regular Elevate link in the newsletter, they could include a referral link that would track registrations and revenue generated by users visiting Elevate from the Company’s newsletter. Company ABC could then use a different referral link on their website, and using the referral codes, be able to gauge which marketing efforts are most effective.

These can also be called affiliate links.

  1. Determine an acronym you would like to use for the Referral Code. Referral codes should be reasonable short in length and cannot contain spaces or the “&” symbol. So, for example, if you’re planning to use a code with your March newsletter, a good referral code might be: Mar_Newsletter
  2. Select the link you plan to promote or provide to a partner or sponsor. This could be the Elevate site’s homepage or a specific sub-page or product page within the site.
  3. To add the referral code, you’ll be adding the follow line to the end of the URL: /?referral=Referral Code
    1. For example, using the March Newsletter example from above, a referral code CommPartners could use would be:
  4. Once a referral code is used, it will appear in a referral code report, which tracks the number of registrations and revenue generated for each referral code in use. The referral code report is located in Reports>Discount Reports>Branding & Referral Summary
  5. Referral codes store a any purchase/reg a user makes after following that referral code link will show in the Branding & Referral Summary report

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