Participation Tracking on Live In-Person Event Components

This feature enhances the existing Live In-Person Component so that an admin can mark a learner's attendance/participation and or a grade at a live in person training. These features can be selected as a requirement for completing the component and thus help to ensure only users who completed that sufficiently proceed to earn a credit or continue the course. 

If this feature is used, a User will see if they have been marked as attended and/or graded. If this option is made a requirement by Admin, the component will be incomplete and will deny the User access to the next component until the attendance mark and or grading is complete. 

In your account, participation Tracking can be found under the Live In-Person Component with options in the drop down. The options allow you to track user attendance or issue a grade based on an in person evaluation. 

If no tracking is needed, select No Participation Tracking. If participation tracking is not turned on or used, when the live event lapses, Users be automatically marked completed and progressed to the next component.

A screenshot of the Administrative Control Panel with participant tracking.

Fig. 1 - Participant Tracking Settings


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Fig. 2 - In-Person Participation page

On the administrative control panel, a product that has a Live In-Person Event in it has a new button for "In-Person Participation". This brings up a page that lets you mark attendance and/or grading. Once the admin marks attendance or grading, Users will get a notification email.

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