Digital Badging Setup and Implementation

Digital Badging allows organizations to create and issue digital credentials, which are portable digital icons embedded with evidence that verifies an earner’s skills, credentials and continuing education experiences. User's will be able to view their digital badges through their Dashboard. Both current and expired badges can be found in the badging dashboard.

User's View

Users will access the Badges through My Dashboard. 

Screenshot displaying the location of the badges navigation item in the My Dashboard component

FIG. 1 - My Dashboard view for users

Screenshot of the Badges page for users

FIG. 2 - Badges view for users 

Setting up your site to use BadgeCert

To implement this feature, a BadgeCert account is required. Badges are set up, designed and hosted within your BadgeCert account and completion data is passed to BadgeCert from Elevate via an API in real time. 

From the Administrative Control Panel, Select Settings. From the Settings tab, select the Remote Accounts option under the Site Setup button. 

Admin tool emphasizing how to navigate to the remote account site setup

FIG. 3 - Admin tools

In the Badging tab, enter in the API Secret Key, Issuer Name and Issuer Email from your BadgeCert account.

Image displaying the Badging tab on the remote account settings page

FIG. 4 - Remote account settings 

Including a digital badge in your product certificate

In the set up of the certificate component, select the check box to issue badge found underneath the printable certificate options 

Screenshot displaying setting up the certificate in a product

FIG. 5 - Accessing the certificate component 

Including a digital badge in your multi-product certificate

In the set up for multi-product certificate, select issue badge underneath selection of eligible products. 

Screenshot showing the ability to access multi-product configuration

FIG. 6 - Multi-product certificates 

Including a digital badge for earning credit related to certification

In the certifications listing, edit the certification and browse to the tab with the star icon. Check the box to issue a badge when certification is earned and then select the badge.

Screenshot showing the ability to access configuring earning a badge when certificate earned

FIG. 7 - Issue badge when certificaiton earned 

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