Quiz/Test Enhancements

Feature Description:

Enhancements and multiple new additions to the quiz/test function.

    1. Allow multiple attempts during time limited quiz (Enhancement): This function allows the User to make 1 or more attempts during a time limited quiz. To use this function, under the Advanced Settings, the Admin sets the “maximum number of attempts” as well as the “time limit to finish” and the “time limit mode”. For example, if the time limit is 10, the maximum attempts is 5, and the time limit mode is “time limit applies to ALL attempts”, the User will have 10 minutes and 5 attempts within that 10 minute period to pass the quiz. The other “time limit mode” option is “time limit applies to EACH attempt” so that the User has the same time limit applied to EACH attempt.
A screenshot of an example quiz.

Fig. 1 - Quiz Example

    1. True/False question type (NEW): This new question type defaults two answers; one is set to True the other is set to False. To use this function, there is a new function under Create New Question called “Question Type” whereby the Admin selects the type of question they want to add to their quiz. Currently, the choices are: Multiple Choice, True/False, and Essay. (More types of questions are currently in development.)
    2. Essay question type (NEW): This new question type allows the Admin to add an essay question to a quiz/test with a set character allowance for the answer. This type of question requires the Admin to review and grade the answer so the quiz/test results are not immediately known to the User until after the answer is reviewed and graded.
    3. Point scoring (NEW): This function allows the Admin to apply a point value to each quiz/test question and then define how many points are required to pass. To use this feature, there is a new field called “Points to Pass”. (NOTE: If Admin prefers to use the quiz scoring system as before – scoring the quiz based on the number of correct answers – then the Admin will enter the number of correct answers needed to pass and give each question a point value of “1”.) If you want to use a numeric scoring system to grade your quiz/test, enter the minimum number of points needed to pass the quiz/test. Admins will see a new field for each question added called “Question Points”. This field will always default to “1”. Enter the point value for each question you add to the quiz/test. Be sure the total number of points is equal to or greater than the number you entered into the “Points to Pass” field. When Users take the test, they will see the questions as well as the point value for each question. Once the User submits their answers, the system will score the test based on the point value system you defined. For example, a minimum passing score is 80 out of 100.

A screenshot of an example of the admin view

Example of the Admin view

Replace Me

Example of the User View

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