Importing Presentations from Education Harvester to Elevate LMS

Integration with the Cadmium's Education Harvester & eventScribe Products allow for easy import of sessions, speakers, posters, and session content post conference. Quick, one-time set up, will allow client admins to lookup and select content from any Education Harvester/EventScribe event that has already occurred as well as future events. Admins can select from those events, which sessions or posters to create as products in Elevate and customize that product import to set summary, description, pricing, categories and more. After creation of the Products, admins can additionally import content from those presentations to include, video/audio files, Warpwire content, slide PDFs, handouts, and speakers. With just a few clicks, an entire conference can be imported into Elevate as enduring content. 

Please note that this is not a real time sync; the content that is found in the Education Harvester at the time of import is what is brought into Elevate. You can import additional content and assets in after the initial import. 

**If you use Cadmium's EventTech products, please contact us at for one time integration set up. This is a no cost, one time implementation to allow you to bring conference content into Elevate.**

Admin Settings: Once the integration is set up, navigate to Products > Harvester Import > Import Harvester Presentations

Products menu open with Harvester Import sub-item open, showing option for Import Harvester Presentations

1. Select the event(s) you wish to import presentations or posters from:

Select Event Presentations To Import menu open and showing items to select from

2. Select which presentations you wish to import by clicking the checkbox next to the presentation name

3. Select IMPORT AS PRODUCTS. The import Harvester Presentations pages that lists the presentations includes presentations dates and times, as well as Harvester Build Codes, helping you to easily identify which presentations or posters you would like to import as Products.

Table view showing presentations that the user can select using a checkbox, and then Import as Products

4. Once the "Import as Products" button has been clicked, a modal will appear allowing you to customize what information is displayed in the newly created Product(s) in Elevate. 

5. Select whether you would like the presentation title, session name, or course name to be used as the Product Title in Elevate. The option you select will be dependent on your naming conventions for presentations and posted in the Education Harvester.

Product Title dropdown open with the options: Presentation Title, Session Name, and Course Name. Presentation Name is selected.

6. Input specific text or one or more of the tag fields into the Product Summary field. If you are using an available tag, ensure you are using the tag that corresponds to the information you input into the Education Harvester. 

7. Input specific text or one or more of the tag fields into the Product Description field. You have numerous tags available to you to use, which all correspond with specific fields from the Education Harvester.

List of available tags shown

8. Input the Start Sales At and End Sales At dates by clicking on the calendar picker icon. If you have no end sales date, select the "No End Sales" checkbox.

Start Sales field, End sales field, and checkbox for No End Sales below

9. Select as many or as few Categories and Product Types you would like to assign to the presentations and/or posters you are importing. 

10. Select a Remote Accounting Code from the dropdown menu if you are using them.

11. Select the Accounting Date if you choose.

12. Select as many or few of the Social Networking Sharing Links you would like to include.

Social Networking Sharing Links dropdown open with options shown: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

13. If you would like to set pricing for these Products, you can do so now. If the "Set Prices for ALL of These Products" option is selected, you will be prompted to input pricing information. Pricing information displayed here will be the same pricing information options you have from within each of your Products.

Screenshot of pricing settings

14. Once you have input all applicable information, click the "Import Presentations" button, which will take you to a page where you can view, edit, and select content types that will be imported.

Image of Import Presentations button.

If you would like to do an initial preview of the important presentations, select the Preview icon after the presentation import to see what content is available to import from the Harvester for that presentation (Fig. 1)

Table view of presentations that have been imported with an arrow showing the Preview button

Popup showing Presentation External Content

Fig. 1 - External Content

15. From within the Presentation Content Import section, select the content types you would like to import to the Products.

Content Types dropdown menu open with the following options shown, and all selected: Main Presentation Video, Main Presentation Audio, Presentation Videos, Slide PDFs, Handout Files, Poster Images

16. If you are importing Slide PDFs, select whether you would like these to import to Products as a Handout to the Handout Tab or as a File Component.

Replace Me

17. If you are importing handouts, select whether you would like these to import to Products as a Handout to the Handout Tab or as a File Component.

Handout File Type dropdown open with Handouts and File Components shown as options. Handouts is selected.

18. If you are importing Posters, select whether you would like the posters to import to Products as a Handout to the Handout Tab or as a File Component.

Poster Image Type dropdown open with Handouts and File Components shown as options. File Components is selected.

19. If your presentations have presenters, select whether you would like presenter information to import in and add presenters as a Speaker to the Product.

20. Once all settings have been put in place, click the "Import Presentation Content." In doing so, you will receive a notification letting you know that by continuing, content will be imported based on your selections to the newly created Products. Click the "Continue" button to proceed with importing the content.

Alert popup which reads, "By continuing, you will import related content based on your selections to the newly-created products." The button options are Cancel and Continue.

Once your content import selections are made, you will receive a confirmation page displaying all the newly created products, overview of what was imported to those products and actions buttons to edit those products.

Table view new products with details for each and action buttons for each row.

Once your import of presentations and content is complete, be sure to check the products and make final adjustments. Products created during the import process can be found on the product listing on your site.

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