Elevate LMS Integration Options

Elevate LMS offers a variety of integrations to enhance the value of your LMS. Included here are a listing of the most common types of integrations available for you to utilize with your Elevate site. Other integrations are available. If you would like to learn more about integrations for your Elevate site, please reach out to your account manager for more information.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

An authentication method that allows users to securely be authenticated with multiple applications and websites

How it works

  • Elevate can establish an SSO with nearly any AMS or CRM
  • Allows for a single set of login credentials for users to use within your Elevate site and other applications you use, such as your main website
  • SSO will authenticate user information, including items like user type, which can then control what items with an Elevate site the user can access

Registration API (Reg API)

Provides a method for Elevate clients to take course/product registrations external to Elevate (in most cases, within an AMS) and have the registration records “pushed” to Elevate in real time 

How it works

  • When a user registers for a course or product within an AMS, the AMS then makes a call to Elevate’s Registration API. When the call happens, Elevate will look to match the user information with any existing user and Elevate will either updates the user's local record or create a new local user record, then register that user for the product. 
  • An optional field in the API call will tell Elevate to send a confirmation email, which will contain a link to the product page. Alternately, the API response for a successful call will include the Product URL so that the AMS can send a confirmation email, and/or provide a link to the Elevate product page on the AMS site.

Data/Report API

Allows you to extract data from your Elevate site and send it to your AMS, or another data repository, creating a single point of data for all of your user’s information

How it works

  • The Report API is designed so that you post a JSON request data to it and receive a response with the data defined in the JSON request. The default response format is also JSON, but you can get a CSV response if you want. 
  • Typically data is scheduled at a regular interval such as once per day

Data Push

Elevate also has the ability to push data from your Elevate site to your AMS or data repository. The decision to do a data pull versus push is largely dependent on the AMS receiving the information.

Integrations between Elevate and other Cadmium Products


  • Allows for the usage of Warpwire within Video and Web Components, as well as Video Widgets, giving Warpwire functionality to all videos utilizing the add-on

Education Harvester/eventScribe

  • Integration with the Cadmium Harvester & eventScribe products allows for easy import of sessions, speakers and session content post conference. 
  • Quick, one-time set up, will allow client admins to lookup and select content from any Harvester/eventScribe Event that has already occurred as well as future events.
  • Admins can select from those events, which sessions to create as products in Elevate and customize that product import to set summary, description, pricing, categories and more. 
  • Admins can additionally import content from those presentations to include, video/audio files, Warpwire content, slide PDFs, handouts, and speakers.

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