Setting Up a Speaker Listing Widget

  1. Navigate to Content Management > Pages and either create the new page you would like the widget to live on or click on the button to Edit an existing page. 
  2. Click on Add new widget to main page content. Your pages are divided into 12 columns. So be sure you size your widget accordingly. If you want the widget to span across the entire page, give the size field a value of 12. If you want the widget to span across half of your page, give the size field a value of 6. Enter the number of rows that you want your widget to use. Keep in mind, the widget will auto-size the number of rows based on the content you have within it. 
  3. Enter a name for your widget and check the boxes to determine if you want to display the name on your page, give it a border, or hide it from mobile devices. 
  4. Choose Speaker for the widget type. Next, on the Display Style line, select whether you would like the speaker listing to display in a 3-column grid (3 speakers per line) or Full-width Stacked (1 speaker per line). 
  5. Select which Display Options with information you would like to include on the speaker listing widget. If you will be creating a Speaker Details Page (a secondary page that users can view that houses additional information about speakers) for your speakers, select which items you would like to display on this page. 
  6. To find speakers, click on the Search for Speakers button. This will allow you to enter in the name of the speaker you are looking for. Alternatively, you can click the Seach for Speakers button, which will bring up a listing of all speakers on your site. Once you have found the speaker(s) you are looking for, click the checkbox next to their name to select them, then click the Add Selected Speakers button. 
  7. The order in which speakers display can be adjusted by holding and dragging the button next to each speaker‘s name. Once you have placed the speakers in the order you would like them in select whether you would like to include an internal, external, or no speaker details page. 8. Once you have entered the information you wish to click Save. This will return you to the page editor for the page you are editing. Click Save and Stay to save your changes.

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