General Site Settings

Feature Description:

General settings are used to manage the basic functions of your site. Items such as the title of the site, enabling users to create an account on your site, setting the default time zone for users, and more can be found in this area of the site. 

General Site Settings can be accessed from the Administrative Control Panel > Settings > Site Setup > General

Here, we will review each of the areas of the General Settings page.

Site Title:

This is the title of your Elevate site that will display at the top of the Administrative Control Panel, as well as a tag field in certain email templates.

New Guest Users

Enable Signup: This option will be available if your Elevate site does not have an SSO integration with your AMS or database. If this option is selected, it enables users to create a new user account on your site. 

User Type Options: This option will display if the "Enable Signup" checkbox has been selected above. Here you can select the user types that a user can select when they create their new account on your site. User Type options that display here will be based on the User Types in place on your site. To access and edit user types for your site navigate to Settings > Users > User Types. Please note that you can only edit user types on your site if you do not have SSO in place.

Create Account Instructions: You can include additional text in this area that will display for a user when they are creating an account on your site. 

Return to Starting Page: When this option is selected, after a user creates an account, they will be returned to the page they were on prior to clicking the "Create Account" option. 

URL Redirect: If you would instead like a user to be redirected to another page after they create their account, you can input the URL of that page here.

Add CAPTCHA to Signup Form: Gives you the ability to add an additional level of security to account sign-up for your site by adding CAPTCHA to the signup form. 

Default Timezone: A default timezone you can put in place for your site when a new user account is created. This default timezone may not appear on every new user account created, as Elevate will auto detect a user's local timezone. 

Date/Time Style: The way in which dates and times will display in any location on your site that has a date and/or time field.

Date/Time Separator: The character that will appear between date, time, and year stamps.

Hidden Content Redirect: When selected, all site content will be hidden from users that are not logged in to your site. They will instead be redirected to the page selected here. 

User Profile

Prompt to Upload Profile Image: When selected, this option will prompt a user to add an image to their profile if they do not already have one in place.

Profile Instructions: This area gives admins the ability to add additional text to the top of user profile pages. Frequently this text would include items like which field are not editable.

Opt-in Privacy Settings (only available for sites using the Connect Module i.e. user messaging): For sites utilizing user messaging and a user directory, the default privacy settings for new users can be controlled here. By default, for their privacy, new users are not opted in to having their profile information display in the user directory or on the registrant listing for Products on the site. 


Enable Product Rating: When selected, this feature allows end-users to rate Products on your site. If turned on, all Products on your site will be eligible to be rated. There is no way to restricting rating to only specific Products.

Discussion Moderation: Default setting allowing you to control whether discussions within a Product are moderated by an admin or open.

Cancellations Email: The default email address that will be sent an email notification when a registration is cancelled. This email address can be edited while completing the Cancel Order process. 

Default Package Options: Options shown here are the same options shown within a Package. Here you can set the default settings for all new Packages created on your Elevate site. With this in place, you still have the ability to edit these options at the individual Package level.


Allow Product Favorites: When selected, gives end-users the ability to mark a Product as a "Favorite."

Favorite Icon: The icon that will display when an end-user marks something as a "favorite." Options include a heart or star.

Favorites Filter Display: Allows you to control when "Favorites" display for end-users as they are searching content on your site.

Full Site Search

Search Filters: Controls filters that can be set when an end-user utilizes the Full Site Search. You can allow them to search by Categories, Product Types, Content Types, and/or Keywords. As many or few of these options can be selected as you would like.

Keyword Field Matching: Controls what content will be searched when a keyword is entered into the Full Site Search. Here you can allow Product Title, Summary or Description, and Speaker's Name to be searched.

Content Types: Controls what content types can be searched for when an end-user uses the Full Site Search. Here you can select Products, Files (such as handouts from a Product or File Collections), News, and Podcasts. 

Results Fields: Controls what information will display for an end-user when results are returned. 


Decimal Display: If your site issues any type of credits, you can control how many numbers will appear after the decimal when the number of credits are listed.

Messaging Settings (for sites using the Connect Module i.e. user messaging)

Default Messaging Permissions: This setting controls who is able to send another user messages on the site when a new user account is created. We recommend having this set to "Admins Only" for privacy reasons. Regardless of the permission set here, end-users have the ability to update this setting in their user profile. 

Display Unread Message Count: When selected, this will display a count of the number of unread messages for users once they have logged in.

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