Product vs Package

A product is made of components. A package is made up of multiple products.

The main advantage of using a single product with multiple components for a series of live webinars is the ease of navigating between live webinar components. There is no need for your users to navigate to a package page to click on the next product, then click to open and launch the component.

The main disadvantage is if you have 20 or 30 live webinar components on different days covering different content it can be hard to market since end users don’t search for component titles. Search and sorting in widgets are done on the product level.

The main advantage of packages allows the end-user to register for 1 item then have access to multiple products. This allows simpler marketing to the end-user.

Another advantage of a Live Event package is if you are hosting multiple events on multiple days including concurrent sessions, an agenda/sessions page or widget makes things easier to navigate. Users can access the agenda page from a widget or tab that links to a page. It is a cleaner display of the Event sessions:

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This access method puts each product as a standalone that can be accessed by users as they choose. This also will allow your users to attend only the sessions they wish.

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