Product Progress Report - Running, Interpreting, and Changing User's Progress

Feature Description

The Product Progress Report will display detailed information on a user's progress through a chosen product or package. You can view details on completion of the various components within a product as well as make changes to the status of individual components.

In this article:

Run Product Progress Report

To run the Product Progress Report, navigate to Reports > Product Reports > Product Progress

  1. On the Product Progress Report screen, type in or select the product or package you want to view the report for
  2. Choose the date range you wish to include on the report. This date corresponds to the user's registration date for the selected product or package.
  3. Choose the product status for the selected users.
  4. If applicable, you can show user fields, custom questions or discount codes for the report.
  5. This report can be run for only one Product or Package at a time.


Depending on the selected options for the report, you may have to scroll to the right to see all the data.

Save the Product Progress Report

  1. Once you have retrieved the desired data, you may either download a CSV file or email a CSV file.
  2. The direct download will immediately save the CSV file to a designated location.
  3. The email option will allow you to immediately send and email or schedule the email for a later time. You can sent the email to multiple recipients by entering multiple email addresses in the recipients field. Only one email address is allowed per line.

Make Changes to a User's Progress

You have the option to either advance a user through a product or remove their completed status. Advancing a user might be necessary if a user has a required time limit for a video and encountered technical difficulties viewing the video or multiple users viewed the video at the same time. Marking a component as unstarted may be needed if a user completed a survey and after the fact realized that a score of 5 was the best, but filled out a score of 1.

To change a user's status for a required component from the Product Progress Report results screen, scroll to the far right and look for the last column titled Actions.


Click on the blue icon and the User's Progress will be displayed. You can either change the status of all components, or change an individual component, by clicking the corresponding button.

User Progress


Marking a component as unstarted will remove all related component records (credits, quiz/survey answers, assignments, etc.)

If the product has been completed and the component being marked unstarted is required for product completion, or affects any other components required for product completion, the product will also be marked incomplete for the user.

Understanding Data in the Product Progress Report for a Product

When viewing the Product Progress Report for a Product (Fig. 1), admins can quickly see any progress made by end-users in completing the product, as well as which components are next for them to complete, quiz statuses and grades, credits earned, and if applicable, when the product was completed.

Each Component within the Product will have its own dedicated column within the report.

  • If the Component has been completed, the completion date and time will be listed.
  • If the word "Next" appears in the column, this indicates that this is the next required Component that the end-user must completed.
  • If the words "Not Started" is listed in the column, this indicates that this component has not yet been started.
  • If your Component includes a video with a required minimum amount of time to view, information in the column will show how many of the required minutes the end-user viewed the video.
Product Progress Report

Fig. 1 - Product Progress Report

Quiz Status and Grading

If the Product includes any Quiz Components, the report will show you how many attempts the end-user has made at completing the quiz (Fig. 2), their latest quiz score (i.e. X points out of X points earned), and their latest result (i.e. pass, fail, not started).

Quiz Status Grading

Fig. 2 - Quiz Status Grading

Understanding Data in the Product Progress Report for a Package

When viewing dating in the Product Progress Report for a Package, the report will look similar to that of a Product, however, instead of listing individual components as column headers, each package will be listed as a column header.

This report includes the end-user's registration date, the time in which they started the package, as well as how many components for each product they have completed within the package.

Admins can click on any of the product completion information (Fig. 3), to see specifically which components within the product have been completed. Clicking in an area as illustrated below...

Product Completion Information

Fig. 3 - Product Completion Information

Will open a modal for you to see further completion details (Fig. 4), as well as update the completion status for any component.

User Progress Modal

Fig. 4 - User Progress Modal

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