Accessing SCORM Reports and Dashboard

Feature Description

For clients utilizing SCORM Components within their Products, SCORM reporting can be viewed within the reporting area of Elevate, as well as within the SCORM Cloud Dashboard. 

Reporting within Elevate displays information about user activations, users beginning the complete the SCORM course, users that have completed and/or passed the SCORM course, as well as each learners progress through the course.

Elevate SCORM Reporting view

Elevate SCORM Reporting View

Fig.1 - Elevate SCORM Reporting View

Admins can also access the SCORM Cloud reporting dashboard to view more details information related to learner activity within a SCORM course. 

SCORM Cloud Reporting view

SCORM Cloud Reporting View

Fig.2 - SCORM Cloud Reporting View

Accessing SCORM Reporting

  1. SCORM reporting can be accessed from the Administrative Control Panel and navigating to Reports > Product Reports > SCORM Course.
  2. By default, the date range in place within the SCORM report in Elevate will be the last 3 months. This can be adjusted by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a new start and/or date.
  3. With your date range in place, the reporting screen will display an overview of reporting information including the number of users who have activated the course, the number that have started, and the number that have completed. 
  4. A full SCORM course reporting summary can be accessed by clicking the "All Courses Report" button. This will open a modal that will list all SCORM courses on your site, the total completion percentage, that percentage of users that have passed, the average passing score, and the average time spent on the course. 
  5. The SCORM Cloud Dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the "Report Dashboard" button. Doing so will take you to SCORM Cloud for your account where you can access additional reporting information.

Fig.3 - Accessing the SCORM Cloud Dashboard through SCORM Reports

In addition to the summary reporting information that will display directly on the SCORM report within Elevate, each SCORM component includes reporting information for the course and for users. Within the Actions column on the page you will find an options labeled "Course Report" and "User Report."

SCORM component with "Course Report" and "User Report" actions

Fig.4 - SCORM component with "Course Report" and "User Report" actions

Course Report

This report will display individual learner completion information, as well as an overview of completion for the SCORM course/component.

SCORM Course Report

Fig.5 - SCORM Course Report

User Report

When clicked, this will open a modal with a listing of all registrants for the course. Each registrant will include options within the actions column to view their individual learner report, as well as reset their progress within the SCORM component/course. 

Note: the ability to reset a learners progress within the SCORM course may need to be activated for your site. If you look for this option and do not see the "Reset Attempt" button, please reach out to our support team ( to have it activated.

SCORM User Report

Fig.6 - SCORM User Report

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