What are Product Statuses?

The product status controls whether your site's users can access a product on the public-facing side of your Elevate site. Additionally, for those clients with scaled monthly billing, the products' status is used to determine whether a product is 'active' for the purposes of determining your billed product total.

The product status is located in the drop-down menu in the Actions column for each product on the Product Listing page (in the admin menu: Products->Product Listing).

There are 6 product status types

Draft: All newly created products begin in Draft mode. Your Elevate end-users cannot see products in Draft mode, allowing for the admin to create items and make changes before opening a product for public consumption. Because products in Draft mode are not viewable to your Elevate end-users, you will not able to add a product to an Elevate page via a widget while it is still in Draft mode. Products in Draft mode also do not appear in the site's catalog.

  • Products in Draft mode are not 'active' products.

Open for Registration: If a product is in 'Open for Registration' mode, it is visible and open for registration to any Elevate end-users for whom the admin has specified can view and/or register for that product (in the Pricing tab). For these users, the product will appear in the site's catalog, and can also be advertised on the site's homepage or sub-pages in product widgets.

  • Products in Open for Registration mode are 'active' products.

Hidden Registration: This is a special product status used in circumstances where an admin would only like to make a product available to a select group of users via invitation and hidden from all other users. A product in hidden registration mode does not appear in the Elevate catalog and cannot be displayed in a product widget. Rather, users can only see and register for this product if they are sent the direct product link (the direct product linked can be accessed by selecting the 'Preview' for that product). After a user registers for a Hidden Registration product, this product will appear in the list of registered products in the user's Dashboard.

  • Products in Hidden Registration mode are 'active' products.

Closed for Registration: If a product is closed for registration, it is no longer listed in the Elevate catalog or in product widgets for general viewing or registration. However, any users who previously registered for that product retain their access to that item through their Dashboard. This status is useful in circumstances where an admin wants registrations to take place during a specific time period only, but then allow registered users additional time to participate in product activities.

  • Products in Closed for Registration mode are 'active' products.

User Access Closed: A product with this status is removed entirely from the public-facing side of the Elevate site - end-users can no longer access this item. It, however, remains active in the administrative backend to allow the admin to continue to pull reports related to that product. A product with this status can also be reopened by an admin at any time by changing its status.

  • Products in User Access Closed mode are not 'active' products.

Cold Storage: Cold storage completely removes a product from Elevate - from both the public-facing side of the site and the administrative portal. Products in cold storage will not appear in reports, so please be sure to pull any necessary reports on a closed product before placing it in cold storage.

  • Products in Cold Storage mode are not 'active' products.

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