What Widget types are available for me to use?

Your Conference365 site includes the following widget types:

Widget TypeDescription
Blank SpacerA widget to help build pages and add a 1-pixel spacer to help control the flow of text/images on the responsive screen.
Full Site Search
Displays a full site search to the front-end user, allowing them to search any products or content on the site.
Grid ImageSometimes referred to as a "Hover Widget." Allows you to create a widget with an image that links internally or externally and includes a button.
HTMLSimilar to a word processor or text editor. It can read HTML code </>, hyperlink text (Chain links icon), insert tables (Grid icon), show an embedded video, YouTube, or Vimeo link (Video camera icon), insert a picture (framed mountains with sun icon), develop a list (list icon) as well as perform the other basic functions of a word processor (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, font color, background color, horizontal line, and paragraph formatting).
Menu Group
A widget that can be used to add additional groupings of menu/navigation items to a page.
Product List
A product list that displays a certain number of products based on criterial selected.
SlideshowWidget that can be added to any page or sidebar to create a slideshow or carousel of images that optionally link internally or externally.
Social Media Links
Link your site to social media pages. Check the services for which you wish to provide a link to and enter the corresponding URLs. Social media options include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Social Media Share
Add social media sharing icons.
Speaker Listing
A widget that displays a listing of selected speakers in a 3-column grid or 1 column stacked view.

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