How to add a New Admin

Before you can make a user an Administrator in your Elevate site, they 1st need to be a user, meaning they have logged into your Elevate site with a username and password.

If you have SSO (Single Sign On) between your Elevate site and another platform, the new user needs a Username and Password from that other platform to log into your Elevate site. Once that is created, the user can log into your Elevate site to be a User.

If you don’t have SSO, you as an Admin can either have the user create their account on your Elevate site, if your site has that option. Or add them as a user on the Admin side. (Fig. 1)

Screenshot showing button to Add New User

Fig. 1 - Add User in admin side

Once they have logged in, find them in the User List.

Screenshot showing Users menu in lefthand sidebar menu opened, with arrow identifying User Listing menu option.

Filter the list to search by name or email.

Screenshot of User Listing page identifying the button to Filter Users

Then click the “Permissions” gear icon on the right for that user.

Screenshot of table listing of example users, with an arrow identifying the Permissions button as the second button in the row.

Elevate allows a granular approach to Admin privileges. A blue checkmark in the box indicates you are granting them that privilege. You can only grant to others Admin privileges that you already have. You cannot edit your own Admin privileges.

Review the privileges carefully. More check marks do not always mean more privileges, such as Limited Reports. Then click “Update” to save your work.

Screenshot of popup where user can set permissions, with some items checked off

Now, the user can log back into your Elevate site and click on their name to see the drop down to select “Administration” to access the Admin side of your Elevate site.

Screenshot of Elevate Account menu dropdown identifying Administration menu option

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