How do I create a newsletter?

  1. From the Administrative Control Panel, click on the “Content Management” tab and select “Site News Tool” from the drop down menu.
  2. Type the heading into the “heading” text field.
  3. Type your introductory text in the text editor (WYSIWYG).
  4. Select the Layout type to be either a 1-Column or 2-Column layout in the email.
  5. Then use the checkboxes to set the newsletter sections which you would like to appear in your email newsletter. You can also customize the section header, choose which items inside of each section to display, and add additional text above and below each section. Use the arrows on the left to drag and drop the order of sections in the generated email newsletter.
  6. To edit what is in each section, click the checkbox next to the header.
  7. Change the section header to whatever title applies to the newsletter.
  8. You may choose to include products from a specific number of days, just use the drop down menu to change the number of days.
  9. If the section includes products, you can filter by category using the “categories” drop down menu and/or filter by type using the “type” drop down menu (also labeled any)
  10. You can add additional content before and after a section by clicking on the check boxes next to “additional content before section” or “additional content after section”. This will open another text editor (WYSIWYG) where you can input the additional information.
  11. At the bottom of the page you select a template for testing from a list of several options. Click on the circle next to anyone of them to use that test template.
  12. Click “Generate” to generate the newsletter.
  13. A popup window will be displayed with the HTML code for the email. Click copy to clip board. This action will allow you to copy and paste the code into your email marketing automation software.
  14.  Click “Close” to close the window.

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