Cold Storage

Cold storage completely removes a product from Elevate – from both the public-facing side of the site and the administrative portal. Products in cold storage will not appear in reports, so please be sure to pull any necessary reports on a closed product before placing it in cold storage. 

Products in Cold Storage mode are not ‘active’ products. And don't count towards billing of active products. 

You can find products that have been set to cold storage from your Product Listing page using the filter. 

Select Status for Cold Storage to see all the products currently set as cold storage. Once you have found your product you can change the Status to remove the product from Cold Storage (Fig. 1). Perhaps to User Access Closed.

Screenshot showing the Status dropdown opened with arrow identifying 'Cold Storage' as a menu item.

Fig. 1 - Products, Cold Storage

Deleting Products vs Cold Storage

Once a product has had registrations and usage, you can't delete the product, because it's tied into too many reports. You can set the Product Status to cold storage.

User Access to Certificates of Products in Cold Storage

Users cannot access content for Products in Cold Storage but Certificates will still be accessible for any users who earned them.

That would be accessible through User Transcripts. If you wish to turn that on, go to Settings->User Dashboard and set that to "Yes" (Fig. 2):

Screenshot showing helptext explaining where the user transcript button can be found.

Fig. 2 - Settings, Enable user transcript

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