External Credit Importer

Mass assign external credits allows an administrator to easily upload credits earned in another system into the Elevate LMS so that the credits appear on the learner’s transcript in Elevate. The mass import allows credits to be applied to accounts for existing Elevate users and new users who do not already have an Elevate account. This useful tool makes importing learner credit earnings from a different system such as a different LMS, a conference, or an in-person event handled outside of Elevate easy.

Mass Assign External Credits

To mass assign external credits, navigate to the Users menu and select Mass Assign External Credits.

  • Select the Instructions button to display the steps needed to prepare the .csv file for import.
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The .csv file must contain the following headers and fields found in the “Existing User Import Fields” however, additional headers can be included.
  • “email OR remote_id OR user_id” 
  • “provider” 
  • “course_title” 
  • “course_id” 
  • “completion_date” 
  • “number_credits” 
  • “credit_type"
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  • If any users in the .csv file may not already have an Elevate account, prepare your .csv file based on the instructions in the “Full User Import Fields”.


The fields required for the Full User Import will vary based on the customer profile requirements.

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  • After you have prepared your .csv file, select the User Import Method.


If the users in the import file have an existing Elevate account, you can choose to match the import records using User ID, Email, or Remote User ID. If the users in the import file may not have an existing Elevate account, select Full User CSV as the User Import Method.

  • If you would like to allow users to modify this credit record on the transcript, select the Allow Users to Edit These Credits checkbox. 
  • Select Choose File and locate the .csv file you wish to import.
  • Select Mass Assign.
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  • The next screen is a validation screen which will scan your file for issues.

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