Mass Speaker Import

Admin tool to import speaker’s name, company title, email and bio via CSV. This import creates both the speaker’s user account, if they do not already exist, as well as their speaker record so you can easily assign speakers to products. 

The Mass Speaker Import can be accessed in one of two ways:

Option 1:

Users > Speakers > Mass Speaker Import (Fig. 1)

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Fig. 1 - Mass Speaker Import

Option 2:

From within a Product, navigate to the Speakers tab, then click the Mass Speaker Import button (Fig. 2)

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Fig. 2 - Product, Mass Speaker Import Button

  1. Create your CSV using the column headers found when clicking the "Full User Import Fields" button.

    In the below image, items in column 1 will be the column headers for your CSV. Items in column 2 are the corresponding information for the fields in column 1. Column headers in the CSV are case sensitive (i.e. all lower case letters need to be lower case in the column headers of the CSV).

    If your site has SSO, you will need to ensure to enter the correct remote user idea and member type so that when the speaker account is created or updated, it will correspond with the correct user account in your AMS and on your Elevate site.
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  1. Once your CSV has been created, click the "Choose File" button and add your CSV file. 
  2. Once your CSV has been attached, click the "Upload" option. Doing so will show you a preview of the speakers that will be imported from the CSV. It is important to verify that the information you input is displaying in the correct columns. If it is not, click the "Cancel" button and return to your CSV to verify that the column headers and data has been input correctly.
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  1. If all data is appearing correctly, click the "Import" button. Once clicked, any speakers from the CSV with an existing user account on your Elevate site will have their data updated with the data that was imported. Any speakers in the CSV that did not already have an account on your Elevate site will have an account created for them within Elevate.
  2. At this time any user accounts have now been created and existing user accounts have been updated with information from the CSV. However, the speaker profiles have not yet been created. To complete creating the speaker profiles, click the "Import Speakers" button.
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  1. Once the import has been completed, you will receive a success notification.
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