Registration API

The Registration API is a way for our clients to "push" information about orders made on their website/AMS into Elevate.

To make this work, the following are required: 

  1. Every product for sale on Elevate must have a corresponding product on the AMS site, and client must be able to find out a "Remote Product ID" (the ID of the product in the AMS) so that they can enter that in on their Elevate product setup page. 
  2. Every product for sale on Elevate must have a "Remote Product Registration URL". This is the URL in the AMS where the user should be sent if they want to buy this product. The Elevate product page's Registration button will link to that page. Ideally, this URL will put the product in the "cart" in the AMS estore, rather than make them click another button to add it to the cart. 
  3. The AMS programmers must modify their shopping cart / registration system so that whenever an order is completed that contains a product that is on Elevate, their system makes a call to our Registration API, posting a set of information in JSON format, which tells Elevate the following:
  • The User's information: first name, last name, email, and unique user ID
  • The Remote Product ID of the product they bought. 
  1. The Elevate site must be set up with SSO, so that we validate the user via their system, and can identify them by their Unique User ID when they arrive at Elevate, and so that orders sent with the Registration API, which uses the same Unique User ID, will belong to the correct person.

How it works (short version)

When the client's system calls our Registration API, Elevate tries to match up the user information with any existing user (using the Unique User ID that is also part of the SSO integration), and Elevate either updates the user's local record or creates a new local user record, then registers that local user for the product. The user can then comes to the product page, and must log in (or may be automatically logged in with SSO), and can access the content. An optional field in the API call will tell Elevate to send a confirmation email, which will contain a link to the product page. Alternately, the API response for a successful call will include the Product URL so that the AMS can send a confirmation email, and/or provide a link to the Elevate product page on the AMS site.

For more detail, see the attached PDF

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