Product Ribbons

Product Ribbons is a new feature that allows you to create and customize ribbons to display on Products in the catalog, on Product Listing widgets and on the User dashboard. Product ribbons can be used as a visual call out on a Product to help drive registration and revenue or highlight important information about the product such as: 

  • New, Highly Rated or Recommend product offerings 
  • Credit information 
  • Product category or subject 
  • Free or reduced cost offerings 
Product Ribbon on Grid Image Catalog ViewProduct Ribbon on Catalog List View
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Creating Product Ribbons

To create Product Ribbons, select the Product Ribbons option from the Productsmenu.

  • Select Add New Product Ribbon to create a ribbon.
    • Modify the ribbon text.
    • Select a text color.
    • Select a ribbon color.
  • Select Save to save your ribbon.
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Searching for Product Ribbons

To locate a Product Ribbon that has already been created, use the filters on the Product Ribbon administration page to search for a Product Ribbon.

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Use the buttons in the actions column to edit or delete existing Product Ribbons or to see a list of products the Product Ribbon is assigned to.

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Adding Ribbons to Products

Once a Product Ribbon has been created, it can be added to products. From the Product Listing page, locate the product you wish to add the Product Ribbon to and select on the Basic Info icon.

Product Listing, Basic Info

Fig. 1 - Product Listing, Basic Info

  • Navigate to the Images tab within the product.
  • Under the Ribbon heading, select the Product Ribbon you wish to apply to the product or create a new ribbon. (<-- add anchor to link to above steps) 


Only one Product Ribbon can be added to a product at a time. 

  • To set an expiration date for a Product Ribbon, set a Ribbon End Date and time by selecting the calendar icon.

If the Product Ribbon should not expire, select the No Ribbon End Date checkbox. 

  • Use the checkboxes under “Product Ribbon Display” to modify additional Product Ribbon Display options.

Product Ribbon Options

Fig. 2 - Product Ribbon Options

Site Wide Settings

To add a site wide setting to control the display of Product Ribbons in the catalog, navigate to the Products option under the Settings menu and select Product Page & Catalog. Select the Display Product Ribbon checkbox to show Product Ribbons in the catalog by default.

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To add a site wide setting to control the display of Product Ribbons on the user dashboard, navigate to the Users options under the Settings menu and select User Dashboard. Select the Display Product Ribbon checkbox under the Products heading to show Product Ribbons on the user dashboard by default.

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Widget Settings

Product Ribbons can be controlled on the widget level when adding product listing widgets to a page (Fig. 3). The Display Product Ribbon checkbox will default to the selection made in the site wide settings but can be adjusted to meet your needs. This allows you to choose when and where to display Product Ribbons on widgets.

Widget Settings

Fig. 3 - Widget Settings


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