Elevate Report API


The Report API is designed so that you post a JSON request data to it, and receive a response with the data defined in the JSON request. The default response format is also JSON, but you can get a CSV response if you want. 

Note that CSV, being a "flat" data format, is limited to only the values in the top-most layer of the API response, so if your request includes complex data, CSV will not really work for you. There is syntax to request sub-element fields as top-level fields, so it is possible to create "flat" CSV data if you really need or prefer that.


The API is built around "resources". You can think of these as roughly relating to database tables. Resources can be related to each other. For example, a Product resource is related to productRegistrations for that product… and productRegistrations are related to both Products and Users.


The URL of the API, where you will post your JSON data, is https://YourElevateSite.tld/api/reports/ 

We've set up a demo account and loaded it with a lot of test orders, for a number of products, spread out over a 6-month period, so that you can access that for testing and learning how to access the API. The URL of the API for that demo account is: https://demo.lv8test.commpartners.com/api/reports/

API Test Form

There is a test page, where you can manually paste in and edit JSON queries and see the resulting responses, so you can learn the API and refine your query before putting it into your automated scripts https://demo.lv8test.commpartners.com/api/reports/form

If you would like more information and pricing, please contact us at elevate-support@gocadmium.com

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